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DJ NYU of Deftal DJs out of Las Vegas, NV. will be live at 809 Bar and Grill in Albany, Ga!

It’s almost that time, Panama City Beach native, DJ NYU will be throwing down a hot Christmas set at one of our Planet X Partner Bars, 809 Bar and Grill in Albany, Ga!! Ryan Smith, President of Planet X IND. stated, “we are very excited to be bringing this caliber of talent to Alabany, Ga. There are a lot of people that are unfortunately not able to go to a bigger market or say spring break to see and listen to the type of performance a DJ like DJ NYU puts on, so we are bringing it to them“ DJ NYU, former resident DJ at the largest nightclub in the USA, Club La Vela has recently made the move to Las Vegas where he continues to deliver a DJ experience that is out of this world, that‘s why we are very proud to have him in our hometown!! Welcome to Albany, DJ NYU!!


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