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Landis Frier performing live at Pretoria Fields Brewery in downtown Albany, Ga.

Come join Landis Frier for a family friendly acoustic performance! Pretoria Fields Brewery is located in the heart of downtown Albany, Ga. and is the home of Pretoria Fields craft beer!

Landis Frier is a Georgia born and raised singer and songwriter

Landis' love for a song evolved at an early age and was cultivated through a “Life filled with music. ”Growing up in an extremely musical family, the Albany Georgia native came by his natural born musical talent and enduring stage presence honestly.

With the three chords his Grandpa taught him and an old guitar his mamma bought him, he spent years of late nights Journeying through a host of musical genres carving on what would later become the soulful, photographic sound of Landis Frier. “I have a great appreciation for a lot of different musical genres and there aren’t too many I can’t put my own spin on!”

After spending the better part of three years honing his craft in clubs and colleges through out the state of Georgia, in 2010 he started making plans and the seasoned live performer then packed up his dreams and moved to Nashville Tennessee where he began working with acclaimed Nashville songwriter, Bobby Pinson.

Landis has had the privilidge of opening for great artists such as Brantley Gilbert, Joe Nichols, Jake Owen, Craig Morgan and The Locash Cowboys. He has also had the honor of headlining for the Army Rangers at Fort Benning in Columbus Ga.

His first CD, a collection of original material simply titled “Landis Frier”, is rich in musical talent and passion. Songs like “Tennessee Woman” and “Dirt Roads”, offer up a sound that is both comfortable and unique.

Now, Landis Frier’s musical journey spans a growing fan base and you can expect a high-energy show that spans multiple musical genres!

His relentless pursuit of honest music with heart felt lyrics and soulful vocals is paying off and each day the world is one day closer to knowing Landis Frier


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