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Las Vegas based DJ NYU, puts on amazing show at 809 Bar and Grill in Albany, Ga!

(Pictured above left to right, Planet X IND. President, Ryan Smith a.k.a. DJ Planet X, DJ Dolla Bill, DJ Jazzy Joe, DJ NYU, DJ SOWG)

It was a packed house this past Saturday at 809 Bar and Grill as Las Vegas based guest DJ, DJ NYU rocked the house! Opening the night was DJ Planet X and as the night progressed the energy in the building was consistently amified as DJ NYU stepped up behind the wheels of steel!! We are very happy about the outcome of the night and Planet X IND. was very proud to be able to bring such great talent to Southwest,Ga. as there will be more guest DJ‘s in the upcoming months. Be sure to stay tuned to the Planet X IND event hub for more upcoming event details and dates.


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