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Stage & Tatumn Collins

If you have never been out to Cypress Ponds in Bridgeboro, Ga for a wedding then you are missing out. This beautiful venue has a barn-style reception area with a fire pit and swings that sit around it. The covered back area of the barn is the perfect spot for dancing. The chapel area where you get married overlooks the pond filled with cypress trees. It is truly one of the best spots for pictures.

This was an intimate wedding for the couple. They had one bridesmaid and one groomsman, the couple had a more classical wedding in the song choices for the ceremony and it went beautifully. The bride and groom took pictures while their guest had finger foods and drinks while listening to music that was upbeat.

Once the Bride and Groom finished with the photos, they were introduced to their guest. The first dances went according to plan. The bride's siblings wanted to dance with her too so they had chosen a special song for that. Weddings are not traditional anymore and I see a lot of mothers or siblings wanting to dance too.

After the dances they all went inside to eat, the food was amazing as they had a taco bar with every side to put on it. Once everyone had eaten it was time to dance. Everyone had a great time at the reception. Between the fire pit, music, family, and friends this wedding was a success. I can’t wait to see this couple grow together in life. Congratulations to Stage & Tatumn!!!


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