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Planet X IND. is a leading agency in providing talent for venues and events of all types and sizes. Our expertise lies in booking a wide range of musical acts, including country, hip-hop, and electronic artists. Our team will handle all aspects of the booking process, including negotiating fees, coordinating travel and accommodations, and handling all necessary paperwork including invoices, contracts and riders.

Planet X IND.  venue programming arm is a service that helps venues create a dynamic and exciting calendar of events. We specialize in programming talent and events for venues on a 30 day to 12 month basis. This service is perfect for venues looking to fill their calendar with a diverse range of shows, from concerts to comedy and more. We work with venues to understand their unique needs and goals, and then use our network and experience in the entertainment industry to create a customized calendar of events.



 Planet X IND. PR and Marketing services connect clients with the best the industry has to offer in event marketing, public relations, logo design, branding and decks, social media, graphic design, videography, VIP marketing, influencer marketing, and sponsorships.

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